Friday, November 27, 2015

Why all the fuss about Pigeon slim neck bottles?

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomachs and babies are not an exception. In order to have happy babies; mothers should ensure they feed them properly. Baby bottles are usually baby's first step to try food other than their mother's breast. Over the years, slim neck baby bottles have belonged to the most common ones and many mothers still have a lot of sentiment for them even though wide neck bottles seem to be the current trend in bottle feeding.

Many brands seem to be stepping away from slim neck bottles. The widely loved NUK Slim Neck Bottles were discountinued over 12 months ago. In conversations with our store NUK have confirmed that they are not planning to re-launch the range. Earlier this year, similar message came from Cherub Baby. "They were simply not selling well" - said their consultant in a conversation with our manager. To our surprise, no such message came from Pigeon. Therefore, it seems that Pigeon slim neck bottles could be as scarce as hen's teeth. The bottles seem to be loved by the market. Consumers on the popular Australian review portal gave them 4.7 out of 5 grade.

Slim neck bottles have not always been perceived that well. Check out the discussion at Bub Hub regarding different types of slim neck bottles. Mothers say that they indicated problems with various types of them. Some of them simply leaked, others did not seem convenient for the baby. Most of the mothers indicate that when they were advised to try Pigeon slim neck bottles, the situation changed and the experience was positive.

Pigeon baby bottles seem to be loved by mothers due to their distinctive features. Variety of materials such as plastic (PP or PPSU) as well as glass gives a chance to choose own preference depending on views and beliefs. Slim neck bottles are available in all of the mentioned versions. The design is easy to hold (some wide neck bottles take more effort to hold properly) and those who are still into that old traditional shape will find what they want here. Out of slim neck Pigeon seem to be the best baby bottles.

Pigeon also successfully addressed the problem with leaking of teats in slim neck bottles. They equipped them with peristaltic teats which release milk to baby's mouth only when they suck. The official statement from the company says that the aim of such technology is to reduce or even eliminate the confusion between a nipple and a teat.

Below is the summary of reasons why mothers love to use Pigeon the slim neck baby bottles.

- The plastic baby bottles offered by Pigeon are made of unbreakable material which is safe for babies. The material is also free of harmful chemicals which could mix with the formula.

- They have clear markings on them giving mothers an idea of the amount of milk consumed by the baby.

- They are leak proof thus avoiding accidental spills thanks to their design and the teats.

- They are portable and easy for babies to hold

- The glass bottles can withstand any sterilisation method without a damage to the bottle

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