Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Best Baby Bottles in Australia

These days we do lot of things when it comes to proper care of our babies. We use different bottles but the most recommended ones are the baby glass bottles. Compared to other types of bottles, they are very reliable and comfortable for both mothers and babies.

When it comes to glass vs other types it is quite an obvious choice. As the recent reports clearly outline that the glass bottles are safer and healthier than plastic bottles. Sceptics claim that plastic in the bottles might be harmful for your baby because of the harmful chemical components. After reading about these hazards many parents decide to switch to glass bottles.

On the brighter side, glass bottles are sturdy, and they not posses any chemicals that may potentially get into a baby's formula. If you look at our various ranges of these bottles, you will see that some of them come with additional features. For example, Cherub Baby bottles include colour changing bottle holders that turn white when the temperature exceeds 42 degrees. This feature protects your baby from getting burns from the overheated milk or formula.

Some of the best baby bottles in Australia these days that are made of glass are Pigeon baby bottles. They are safe to use as they do not use any harmful chemicals. They are competitively priced and we offer them at discounts over 25% off RRP. We aim to offer the best price in Australia on Pigeon bottles. We also have access to Cherub Baby and NUK bottles and these portfolios also include glass baby bottles.

We know that for you your baby comes first and we understand that. This is why we want to make sure that we give you an option of chosing a healthier, less harmful solution when it comes to feeding.

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