Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why do babies suck a soother or their own thumb

Babies feel a natural urge to suck. A Soother, teether, pacifier or dummy is one of these helpful baby things that help with relaxing your child. The NUK Soother shape depends on a mother's nipple during breastfeeding and adapts ergonomically to the baby's jaw. It is delicate and adaptable with enough space for the tongue and places no pointless weight on the jaw and teeth. Orthodontic shape of NUK dummies fits the infant's sense of taste.

NUK Soothers are a very high quality baby supplies that have been designed and manufactured using dental wellbeing specialists. While your little one sucks on the dummy, she developes her muscles and culminating the coordination between the jaw, sense of taste, tongue and lips. This also helps with developing proper breathing and adequately anticipates misalignment of the teeth. Dummy clips are the perfect method for guaranteeing your infant/baby does not drop or lose their spurious when you are out, sparing you the expense of replacing lost dummy.

Remember that infant's mouth changes gradually in the young months of their life. In order to ensure that a dummy fits consummately at any stage, NUK provides different sizes of dummies. Remember that soothers need to be cleaned each time before use. Pigeon Cleanser is a sample product that disinfect soothers. Others use more natural methods, for example putting it into a microwave sterilizer.

Until what age can you expect children to such on dummies or their own thumbs? Remember, that regardless of their age, they do it because it calms them down. It could be when they try to fall asleep, it could also be when they have just finished crying and need something to calm down. Don't get too comfortable with that habit though. Sooner or later you will have a major problem though when sucking thumb or dummy becomes the favourite and the only way of comforting.

The good news is the most of babies will be done with thumb sucking by the age of 1. The real problem begins when they still suck thumbs after turning 4 as it may negatively affect their jaw line or teeth development. If you are concerned about thumb sucking you can always try a spray like Thumbs Away that can be bought in most of pharmacies. Yes, we have tried this and it works for some time but more persistent babies will simply lick the spray off their thumbs and keep sucking on them.

And what about the dummy? Yes, it also can become a problem when your child is 3 or 4 and still does not want to give it up. Remember, that the older your child is, they more they can understand. Explaining them that they should stop is something that will work in a longer term. Restricting the use of dummy and gradually reducing the periods that it is being used is also a good way. In the end, remember that children will sooner or later drop it by themselves - mainly because of changes in the shape of their jaw. As a result, the soother will become uncomfortable for them and they will simply not enjoy it anymore.

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